Who We Are

Lugulu Girls High is a national girls’ boarding secondary school located in Webuye, Bungoma county; in the Western Region of Kenya.

Lugulu's info at a glance

  • SCHOOL’S NAME: Lugulu Girls High School
  • SCHOOL’S TYPE: Girls’ only boarding school
  • SCHOOL’S CATEGORY: National School
  • SCHOOL’S KNEC CODE: 36600002
  • SCHOOL’S POSTAL ADDRESS: P.O. Box Private Bag Webuye 50205, Lugulu.

Why Choose Our Institution?

Excellence is our pride.

Our History

The genesis of Friends Lugulu Girls’ High School could perhaps be dated to the year 1913 when Quaker Missionaries landed in Lugulu with early converts being taught to read cloth charts. This developed later into a full-fledged primary school under Friends sponsorship and management. The school went up to standard leading to Common Entrance Competitive Examination. Later on in the mid-1940s the standard VI, VII, and VIII leading to Kenya African Preliminary Examination (KAPE). It should be noted that by this time, the school was mixed from standard I to standard V while the upper section was boarding but reserved for boys until the year 1953 when the first girls were admitted to make the upper section mixed but the girls were day scholars. This was intended to provide relief for many girls who failed to get a chance into the only Friends Girls’ Boarding School – Kaimosi. In 1953 a girls’ primary school was established at Lugulu. Later the school was renovated and the community felt that it deserved to be elevated to a secondary school. Since Friends School Kamusinga had been started in this area in 1957, the authorities felt it was not ideal to grant another boys’ secondary school. It was for this reason that the community requested for and was granted a girls’ secondary school. A girls’ boarding primary school was started in 1955 under the leadership of Estelle Hollinshead. In 1963 a girls’ secondary school was started under the leadership of Barrett L. H. Prompting the transfer of the primary school to the school farm across the road; the present Lugulu Boarding Primary School..

The subsequent Principals

  • Barrett L. H. (Mr.) 1963-1964
  • Bower R. (Miss) 1965-1967
  • Hurrison D. C. (Miss) 1968-1969
  • Nolega S. D. (Miss) 1969-1978
  • Wena J. A. (Mrs.) 1978-1991
  • Nandasaba T. (Mrs) (AG) 1991
  • Wafula U (Mrs.) 1991-1992
  • Were P. (Mrs.) 1992-2005
  • Liko S. (Mrs.) 2005-2007
  • Wabwile B. (Mrs.) 2008-2009
  • Mechumo M. (Mrs.) 2009-2017
  • Cheruiyot Dinah. (HSC,Chief Principal ) 2018 –

Our transition

The school was a provincial school for many years until 2011 when it was elevated to a national school. Today, Lugulu Girls’ High School is six streamed schools with a total population of 1,260 students drawn from all parts of the country. The school runs on strong Christian values of the Quaker church. We emphasize high levels of discipline, commitment, humility, integrity diligence teamwork, hard work, and honesty all the times.