Boarding department

The boarding is vast in composition and function. The department oversees to the management of the boarding area, kitchen cleanliness in school, security , among others. The boarding department is headed by four boarding mistresses; Mrs. Wavomba Phoebe, Mrs. Eshuchi Judith, Mrs. Wekesa Annette and Mrs. Odeke Lily. The four team up with eight other teachers to manage the houses in school as follows :-

  • Mumia – Mrs. Eshuchi Judith
  • Elgon – Mrs. Eshuchi Judith
  • Muliro – Ms. Osoro Tabitha
  • Harambee – Mrs. Wavomba Phoebe
  • Nyayo – Mrs. Okong’o Catherine
  • Nzoia – Ms. Wafula Emelda
  • Cheetambe – Ms. Kerubo Mukoro
  • Sudi – Mrs. Odeke Lily
  • Standa – Ms. Asowa Linda
  • Kenya ( 3 wings : A B C ) – Mrs. Wekesa Annet,
    • _Ground floor – Mrs.Osiru Janet
    • 1st floor – Mrs. Namisi Alice
    • 2nd floor – Mrs. Musungu Fatuma

About boarding stuff

All houses mistresses are commended for their commitment and diligence in carrying out their roles and executing mandate in the boarding department, In the same breath, the school matron Truphosa, hereby commended for her “ hands on” commitment in carrying out her duties in the boarding section. The school plumbers, Dan and Daudi are appreciated for ensuring a steady supply of water into the boarding area. Not forgetting the school electrician, Bernard, for working on lighting and Henry and Musa for tending the flowerbeds around dormitories. Due to the concerted effort all those mentioned ( and others not mentioned) the department was commended to be the best by officials from the ministry of Education who carried out inspection in 2nd term.

Security and cleanliness

The security of the school is newable, provided by a security firm and reinforced with a perimeter wall and a network of CCTVS – so far so good. Many thanks to the principal for combining manpower and technology in the management of security.

In Lugulu Girls High School, cleanliness is a core value and virtue that is persued passionately and relentlessly. All students are involved in cleaning the school every morning. On Saturday the cleanliness is done even more thoroughly. The impact of this cleanliness, coupled with well-tended flowerbeds and lawns combine to make the school a single to see and behold.


Finally the department accords all glory and honour unto God Almighty for all the success attained in our service to the school. Our desire is to continue serving as a team and may God bless the work of our hands.