Home Science

It is a foundational discipline for everyone, who wants to know and improve their everyday. It has three major branches mainly: F/N-Study in the nurture of foods causes of deterioration, principles underlying foods processing and improvement of food for consuming purposes. C/T-Production and manufacturing of textile fibers use them for garment construction and how to handle them in laundry. H/M-Deals with the management of the home and all the comfort their in. Therefore, come with us and study Homescience Teachers: MS J. Osiro HOD Miss. A. Shanhyisa.




To meet the metabolic demand of the disease and prevent metabolism Alliavele symptoms resulting from the disease and its treatment through adaption of foods and dry process. The primary goal is to prevent a deleted state.


Maintain good nutritional status Support medical treatment Nutritional management is highly individualized depending on the degree of the disease therefore there should be present nutritional assent to provide baseline data and for regular monitoring during treatment. A detailed person history is essential to determine individual needs, desire and tolerance. This can be done through personal interview.


Each of the nutrient factors related to tissue between synthesis and energy metabolism requires speed attention The increased need for energy between mineral fluids and vitamin are based on the disease and treatment.


There are great demand for energy due to hyper metabolism and tissue healing requirement.


Should be sufficient to space A normal adult needs 200kcal for maintenance but for a malnourished will require 3000-4000Kcal.


Should be restricted by 30% of less More than 100g to meet maintenance and ensure metabolism.